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Ecoembes event

The Circular Lab

Participate in the Inauguration of a project as interesting as The Circular Lab is a pleasure and a privilege. Professionals from the sector, journalists and authorities were invited to know the project that Ecoembes has launched in Logroño on May 17. The Circular Lab, research and development in the area of recycling.
After visiting the guests enjoyed a catering based on the quality products from La Rioja where the main characters were wood, cardboard and natural elements. We were fortunate because of a professional illustrator showed recycling lessons on the blackboards!

Catering area for Ecoembes
Some catering products
Catering cheese and ham
Relax area for Ecoembes guests
Presentations of gazpacho, gildas and french fries
List with the products to taste in the catering of Ecoembes
Autol mushrooms
 Iconography illustrative of the project The Circular Lab
 Cameros cheese yogurt, Rincón de Soto pear jam and homemade biscuit
Catering area for Ecoembes
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